3 things you did not know about the NBDHE (Dental Hygiene boards)
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3 things you did not know about the NBDHE (Dental Hygiene boards)

(Adapted from the National Board Dental Hygiene Examination 2015 guide)

1). There are three new item types were introduced on the NBDHE in 2012. These items will not be scored and will not have an impact on your results or pass/fail status. Wait what? Not scored?

Recommendation: focus on the items that are scored if you do not have enough time.

However, they will be evaluated for their statistical performance. The new items are as follows:



___ 1. White patches easily removed with light abrasion
___ 2. Dorsal tongue carcinoma
___ 3. Paterson-Kelly Syndrome
___ 4. Abdominal pain, diarrhea, weight loss, fever


A. Squamous cell carcinoma
B. Candidiasis
C. Syphilis
D. Iron deficiency
E. Crohn’s disease
F. Sjörgen syndrome
G. Kaposi sarcoma

Answer: B, A, D, E


A. Bolus moves from fauces to Esophagus
B. Bolus contacts incisors
C. Bolus moves from mouth to fauces
D. Mouth, lips, tongue estimate size of bolus
E. Bolus moves from esophagus to stomach
F. Orofacial receptors stimulated to control mastication

Answer: F, D, B, C, A, E

Multiple correct/multiple responses

From the following list, select the three items associated with candidiasis:

A. Small blisters
B. Fungal in nature
C. Dyspareunia
D. Tinea pedis
E. Bacterial in nature
F. Parasitic in nature
G. Bruxism

Answer: B, C, D

2). Results are mailed to you in approximately three weeks after you have taken the test. JCNDE examination regulation prohibits reporting results by telephone, fax, email, or in person.

The truth is that the results may take longer than three weeks.

3). Only the total number of correct answers you are selected are counted. This is then adjusted for any minor differences in difficulty across NBDHE forms, in other words, scaled.

Recommendation: if you know the topic, think hard and hopefully you will choose the right answer. If you know that you do not know the topic, and if you know that thinking will not help, just move on and save time for questions that you do know better.

For more information, visit http://www.ada.org/~/media/JCNDE/pdfs/nbdhe_examinee_guide.ashx

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Written by
Claire Jeong, RDH, MS
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