Claire Jeong, RDH, MS

Claire is an entrepreneur, author, educator, researcher, and international speaker. She is the founder of StudentRDH and SmarterDA, dental hygiene and assisting exam prep solutions. Through her live and online courses, Claire helped tens of thousands of people gain valuable dental knowledge and clinical skills. She combines the WakeUp Memory Technique™ in her courses and teaches educators to apply this method in their own classrooms. To her audience’s testimony: "Learning is now addictive."

pharmacology, drugs, amide, dental hygiene exam prep

Which drug is an amide?

(A.) Procaine(B.) Mepivacaine(C.) Propoxycaine(D.) Cocaine Mini Boards Reviews for the National + Local Anesthesia Dental Hygiene Boards. Answer: (B.) Mepivacaine Mepivacaine, articaine, prilocaine, lidocaine, and bupivacaine are amides. 3%...

dental material, onlay, dental hygiene exam prep

An onlay:

An onlay: (A.) Covers the entire chewing surface of a tooth(B.) Lies within a cusp of the tooth(C.) Covers one or more cusp tip(s)(D.) Is bonded to the facial surface of anteriors to improve appearance Mini Boards Reviews for the National + Local...

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