Claire Jeong, RDH, MS

Claire is an entrepreneur, author, educator, researcher, and international speaker. She is the founder of StudentRDH and SmarterDA, dental hygiene and assisting exam prep solutions. Through her live and online courses, Claire helped tens of thousands of people gain valuable dental knowledge and clinical skills. She combines the WakeUp Memory Techniqueโ„ข in her courses and teaches educators to apply this method in their own classrooms. To her audienceโ€™s testimony: "Learning is now addictive."

Advice for the Recent Dental Hygiene Graduate

Student to RDH, What Do I Need To Know? ๐Ÿค”

You may have a million questions in your head as you are ready to take off (and say goodbye school!). ๐Ÿค” I have been there and I can tell you from my experience that if you are not prepared, the real world can be TOUGH.  I call it the real world...

head and neck anatomy dental hygiene exam prep

Q: How many cranial bones do you have?

Q: How many cranial bones do you have? (A). 1(B). 2(C). 5(D). 8(E). 22 There are 22 bones in the skull (8 cranial bones and 14 facial bones), excluding the middle ear ossicles. Eight cranial bones: occipital bonetwo temporal bonestwo parietal...

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