Go Crush Your Finals
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Go Crush Your Finals

3 Tips for the finals

Finals are here. They are scary, they are overwhelming, they are tiring. But let’s stay in the game and ACE those exams. Ryan Gosling is with you (as you can see in the picture). My name is Claire and I am the founder StudentRDH Dental Hygiene Exams Prep course. But let’s pretend that it’s Ryan Gosling who is giving you 3 TIPS that can help you with the dental hygiene exams.

dental hygiene exam prep

1. Before the exam starts

The test has been distributed. Leave the paper on the desk. If it is a computer exam, just let it run. Do NOT touch anything. Then, close your eyes and count to 10, slowly. Imagine your brain being activated, from the front portion (frontal cortex) to the back (medulla). Feel those connections between your brain cells being AWAKENED. Why? Because everything we see, hear, read, and feel gets stored in your brain, inside the SUBCONSCIOUS. In other words, whatever you have studied is present in the subconscious. By briefly meditating, you are penetrating the marvelous space that stores you answers to the dental hygiene exams.

You will be tempted to start immediately, especially when you hear your classmates storming through the exam. But do not be TEMPTED. 1-3 minutes of focus can help you access your most valuable vault of information. The result! Lots of points.

2. During the exam

Find the keyword(s) for each question, at all cost. There is no skipping here, you must find the clues. Because the examiners are humans, they will nicely leave a trail of crumbs for you to trace. Look at the examples:

Q. Which of the following is NOT a muscle of mastication? Keyword: mastication. We know we are not talking about FACIAL muscles.

Q. Periodontitis is characterized by which of the following signs? Keyword: periodontitis. We know we are not talking about GINGIVITIS. (Find YouTube video that talks about this HERE)

3. Before submitting the exam

Review the questions, all of them if you can. But start with the LAST question. If the dental hygiene exam had 100 questions, start proofreading your answer from #100, then #99, then #98 …. Why? Because our focus is higher at the beginning of the exam. With time, your body and mind lose focus and your chances to make mistakes get higher towards the end of the session. I call this the REWIND strategy. (Find YouTube video that talks about this HERE)

If you run out of time, at least you had the chance to review those questions that needed the most attention!

This applies to any exam, even the dental hygiene boards (NBDHE, NDHCE, CSCE, CRDTS, WREB). If you start practicing those techniques NOW, you will see much better results in the big exams. StudentRDH Dental Hygiene Review Prep is here to help you awaken your potential so you can CRUSH those exams, just like Ryan Gosling is telling you.

If you have any questions, ask me at ClaireJ@StudentRDH.com. Thank you, for reading, and now GO CRUSH THE EXAMS!

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(Disclaimer: StudentRDH is NOT affiliated with the NBDHE, NDHCE, CSCE, CDCA, WREB.)

Written by
Claire Jeong, RDH, MS

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