How to get that “RDH” when you failed the boards thrice?

Failed the board once, it’s unimaginable. How if you failed it thrice? 🀯

It’s hard to comprehend how to be in that situation and how to put all the negative thoughts behind. 😩 There’ll be so many questions in mind and no answers at all.

Luckily, a StudentRDH user enlightened us with her story and proved that nothing is impossible if you just believe in yourself and your dreams. πŸ™‚

Watch her video and read her story below! πŸ€“

Hi, my name is Latoria Niccole. I graduated from Lakeland Community College in 2013 at the age of 26. I heard about StudentRDH back in 2016 by googling board review because sitting in a weekend all-day lecture with a 1000 page book left me clueless.

So Jan 2017 I started with the CSCE review. Then I took the exam of July 2017 .. a day later results were up.. I passed! Immediately after that, I signed up for a nationals review.

Test results? 😲

  • The second attempt failed = 74
  • The third attempt failed = 74 again.

Stressed scared, unmotivated, discouraged, confused, 2nd guessing/ doubting my path, BUT I still pressed on. I also had to wait a year and take a refresher course by the board.

On the fourth attempt in February 2020, I passed! πŸŽ‰

Claire always listened to gave wonderful advice and encouragement through every email. I love how her course covered so much material but it was condensed. The structure was amazing. 2-3 practice exams after each section. Explanation of why answers were wrong or correct. The mocks awesome and exact. The webinars informative, the consistent Instagram/ email daily questions kept me in my toes.

I’ve recommended StudentRDH to so many people already. Once I passed people in dental groups asked what I used I said StudentRDH. πŸ’»

Yes, it took some time but it was right on time! Glory to him!

Thank you, Claire! πŸ’™

Written by – Latoria Nicole, RDH, Lakeland Community College, Kirtland, Ohio

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