Music That Makes You Focus Better
music, study tips, dental hygiene exam prep

Music That Makes You Focus Better

When we are studying for the dental hygiene boards we need all the help we can get. And that includes music! Choose your music wisely because some are too distracting. Music with lyrics can be motivational and pumping, but the words can compete with your study material. So, here is a list of music that are proven to help you keep focused on your studies.

music, study tips, dental hygiene exam prep


My favorite. It is FREE (yay!!) and there’s a paid version too. They play the music that “dramatically improves focus, relaxation and sleep.” Simply play it and see the results.

They selected music that is scientifically proven to work with the brain waves. And from my personal experience, I like it!, music, study tips, dental hygiene exam prep

2.    Instrumental Songs

A recent study by Carol A. Smith and Larry W. Morris of Middle Tennessee State University revealed that students who listened to “sedative” music during a test scored higher than those who listened to lyrical music.

This isn’t to say that it’s entirely impossible to cross things off your list while listening to songs with words, but if you’re finding that the lyrics are becoming too distracting, you may want to experiment with some instrumental options.

music, study tips, dental hygiene exam prep

3.    Nature Sounds

According to psychophysical data and sound-field analysis published in The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, listening to “natural” sounds could enhance cognitive functioning, optimize your ability to concentrate, and increase your level of satisfaction.

Think: Waves crashing, birds chirping, stream trickling, etc.

The research suggests that these sounds function similarly to white noise, which is often used in offices as a sound masking system.

nature sounds, study tips, dental hygiene exam prep

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