Music With Lyrics, Save It For The Parties (Not For Studying)
dental hygiene exam prep

Music With Lyrics, Save It For The Parties (Not For Studying)

dental hygiene exam prep

I like Bruno Mars (I actually love him), but not when I work or study (I still study to make content for StudentRDH). You may have the songs that empower you, make you feel great, and are fun. But save them for the shower, party nights, or the car.

A recent experiment, conducted by Carol A. Smith and Larry W. Morris of Middle Tennessee State University, revealed that students who listened to their preferred type of lyrical music whilst taking a series of tests did not perform as well as did students who listened to sedative music. This is conjectured to be the result of the distracting nature of the lyrics of a familiar and preferred song, which can evoke emotions and memories and thus divert attention away from the task at hand.

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Freshman Iman Ghosh, who enjoys listening to music while studying, confirms this phenomenon: “I listen to electronic music like techno, sometimes [I listen to] dubstep, but I only listen to music that is without words and singing, because if there’s words and singing I can’t concentrate.”

Freshman Sam Glotfelty has a similar experience: “Stuff with lyrics usually distracts me…sometimes classical music helps,” he says. However, that still doesn’t stop him from listening to hip hop and rap every now and then to liven up his studies.

On the same note, a study conducted in 2002 exposed children of ages seven to ten to calm, relaxing music as they took a series of arithmetic and memory tests, and then too loud, aggressive music while they took similar tests. Afterward, the children took the same tests in silence. The results showed that calming music greatly enhanced test-taking abilities, while aggressive music served as a distraction.

I know I am a fan of “productivity,” but that does not mean do what makes you feel great! At the end, we all have different personalities and music means different things to all of us. But if you find yourself struggling to learn better on your own, maybe you should ask yourself if it is because of the music. If you are studying with StudentRDH (the leading online dental hygiene boards review course), turn on some instrumental music. Or even better, go to and find music that stimulates the “right” brain waves so you learn better. To know more about StudentRDH pricing, simply visit

Author: Claire J BS, MS, RDH (Founder of StudentRDH)

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Written by
Claire Jeong, RDH, MS

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