DH School: Struggle and Hope!

Real-life stories from Dental Hygiene students. Do you find DH school difficult?Β  πŸ˜ͺ Do you ever feel like giving up? Are you facing any hurdles that seem impossible to overcome?Β  😡 Are you struggling with school and life balance? If you answered yes...


Special Webinars and Workshops for all dental hygiene students who want to PASS the boards! For many of you, the boards are around the corner and we want you to be prepared! 😎 That’s why here at StudentRDH we’ve been working hard to prepare a very...

Blitzing Boards!

Rebecca recently passed her boards, and she has just the perfect story and explanation on how you can pass your boards too! Meet her and read her success story below. 😍 Start reading below: Rebecca Nielson, RDH, BS The term β€œblitz” is used in...

In-person Review or StudentRDH Online?

The graduation season is almost here! What’s next? THE BOARDS!! Are you wondering whether to go to an In-person review or study with StudentRDH Online? Listen to Kimberly Cook from Northern Arizona University! In this video, she explains how...

nbdhe, national boards, dental hygiene exam prep

NBDHE Good News! Say goodbye to…..

Are you a dental hygiene student or educator? A StudentRDH user asked me a question yesterday regarding the format of the NBDHE (National Boards Dental Hygiene Exam) and it reminded me that I should share this good news with you. The National Dental...

NBDHE FAQ, dental hygiene exam prep

NBDHE FAQ (part 2)

Some frequently asked questions about the National Board Dental Hygiene Examination (NBDHE) Q. How many questions are there in the NBDHE? There are 350 multiple-choice examination questions in total, these can be divided into 2 groups: 200 questions...

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