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Dental Hygiene Boards vs. Football Playoff Games

Dental Hygiene Boards vs. Football Playoff Games

NFL Football Player vs. Dental Hygiene Student. What it takes to win the “game.” Football is the most popular sport in the United States. The players are extremely well-paid and are carefully selected via a draft to be in the NFL (National Football...

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How Many Hours Should You Study Daily?

The brain is extremely powerful; we can store almost an unlimited amount of information. But is there a daily limit? The quick answer is yes. Due to its finite size, there is a limit to how much new information the brain can store per day. “The...

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5 Small Things You Can Do to Become More Successful

Have you ever wondered what the secret to success is? For most people, it’s not one specific thing. Rather, it’s the result of many daily habits that are repeated over and over. Here are 5 small things you can do every day to ensure that you’re...

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Go Crush Your Finals

3 Tips for the finals Finals are here. They are scary, they are overwhelming, they are tiring. But let’s stay in the game and ACE those exams. Ryan Gosling is with you (as you can see in the picture). My name is Claire and I am the founder...

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How to study better for the finals – FOCUS management

3 Ways, Study BETTER with FOCUS management Dental hygiene school is no joke. The final exams are probably haunting you already. How many subjects are you going to be tested on? There are many TIPS out there about “improving how you study.” You all...

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SLEEP, why you need it during your break

Why you don’t have to feel guilty about sleeping (a lot) during your break Thanksgiving is here, finally! We have been all waiting for this “break” especially if you are a student. Maybe you have those assignments due soon, or maybe you have an exam...

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