[TRICKS] How to Memorize Hypertension Drug Suffix Easily
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[TRICKS] How to Memorize Hypertension Drug Suffix Easily

Memorization Made Easy

Are you having difficulty in memorizing those numerous drug names especially the hypertension drugs with different kinds of suffixes? I know how hard and confusing it is as I did struggle with that when I was a student until I learned some techniques in memorizing them.

I know that memorizing drugs is a pain. Part of my responsibility is to help you PASS the exams, so here are some tricks to remember the suffixes for hypertension drugs. -olol, is it diuretic? Find your answer.

I have shared these tricks in a LIVE video on FaceBook and I got thousands of views and positive comments about it. We received amazing comments from practicing dental hygienists too, so even if you PASSED your boards, this may help!

In case you missed it, here is the video so you can watch and learn these tricks on how to memorize the hypertension drugs suffixes with ease.

Find out how:

  • -olol is a Beta Blocker
  • -pine is a Calcium Channel Blocker
  • -pril is an ACE inhibitor
  • and more!!!
Enjoy watching!
Hypertension drugs for the dental hygiene boards, check!

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Written by
Claire Jeong, RDH, MS

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